The BRJ - It’s About Everything That Makes Our Area Special and Unique...

The BRJ is about everything that makes our area of New Jersey special and unique. It's the diversity of people, places and ideas. It's a place where history blends with the contemporary, where horsepower dwells in the stables as well as the garages, where innovation blends with tradition, where suburban meets rural, where uptown meets country, where forest meets farm. It's a place where horses, Harleys, and hybrids, bikes and balers, Maseratis and Model-Ts, pick-ups and pedestrians all share the road.

In every bi-monthly issue of the The BRJ we explore New Jersey’s “Greenheart Country” - a unique geographic region of the Garden State which we have expanded on to include the Somerset Hills (Bedminster, Far Hills, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Peapack Gladstone), Mendham, Chester, Tewksbury Township, Long Valley, Califon, and the surrounding areas. In each edition we publish regular and rotating columns featuring:

  • History & Folklore -
    From our Revolutionary past to the Era of the Landed Gentry, including legends, mysteries, haunting tales, and more...
  • People & Places -
    The personalities and incredible places that characterize our area and define it as one of New Jersey’s hidden treasures.
  • Architecture & Landscaping -
    From Green Building to Green Thumbs.
  • Outdoor & Recreation -
    From our area’s best hiking and biking trails to the best kept fly fishing streams.
  • Art & Antiques -
    From Furniture and collectibles to fine art and local artists.
  • Classic Autos -
    From ragtops and rumble seats to luxury and muscle.
  • Pastures & Paddocks -
    From thoroughbreds and draft horses to bovines and ovines.
  • Galas & Gatherings -
    From the dance floor to the galleries; photos and news from the latest local non-profit fundraisers and events.
  • Main Street and Community -
    From the newest business openings and events to community news and happenings.
  • Essays -
    Entertaining and often humorous and folksy prose from our contributors and readers.
  • Calendar of Events & Attractions -
    A listing of the season’s best opportunities for entertainment and family fun.

We’re Not Trying to Sell a “Lifestyle”
...We’re Exploring a Way of Life

Ten years ago, my husband and I gave up our careers, packed up our beach house, and traded our life on the shore in New England for a life in the country in Northwest New Jersey. We moved into the Victorian "Mill House" in Pottersville, the house I grew up in, which was built by my great great-grandfather, Robert Craig, in 1876. My ancestors, mostly farmers and millers by trade, were some of the earliest settlers in our area. They planted crops and vast orchards in the rolling fields, ground grain for flour along the rivers, and helped found some of our earliest churches and communities.

For me, our entire region has always been a very special and unique place, layered with a rich and colorful history, natural beauty, unsurpassed charm, a broad spectrum of architecture and landscapes, powerful personalities and incredible people. As we began exploring the towns and small villages, farms and grand estates, and the trails and rivers, we uncovered stories that had to be told, found places that had to be explored, and made new friends that we wanted to share our excitement with. Drawing on my husband’s talent as a writer and editor and my experience as a custom publisher and marketing representative with McGraw Hill and Holt, Rinehart, Winston, - The Black River Journal was born.

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